Cecil the lion: update and final consideration

Cecil the lion: update and final consideration


This time I write in English since I want to speak to the world, I mean to the people who will bump into this post of mine. I have read here and there several comments about this tragic story. Some say that this is the usual web reaction, and people reacting with rage will not bring to anything. Some other articles compared this story with human trafficking affirming that it is a shame that people get so involved in the death of a lion ignoring what happen to human beings especially children. And I say: this is silly, because violence has to be always condemned and giving  attention and compassion to this lion is our present challenge. Moreover, we don’t have to forget that Walter Palmer, the killer of Cecil, has paid almost 46.000 dollars to kill him. That is to say that in a world with people dying and starving for poverty there is people paying to kill (do I have to comment on this?).

Other people has driven attention to the wild life hunting awful phenomenon, recalling cases of hunting ladies already notorious for their disgusting activity: they are trying to become famous in this horrible way. And is so sad to know that there are women involved in such a sacrilege, since women usually are supposed to experiment better that men what it means to give life.  I don’t write here their names. My blog is not popularizing evil. But indeed even in this case, we have better to take into serious consideration that unfortunately in many countries hunting is legal. So, instead of concentrating our efforts in looking at the web sites and picture of these disturbed people, we’d better to think what we can do to make pressure on the governments to change legislation and turn any hunting practice into illegal.

Concerning Walter Palmer, it came out that this person is a depravate. Only in this way we can understand why he decided to kill that particular lion even if it was illegal hunting.

So let me conclude this story giving a suggestion and useful information on how you can take action to stop illegal hunting and also what you can do to invite governments all over the world to ban hunting from their legislation.


And more: instead of showing the pictures of this wealthy disgusting people with their trophy I’d rather quote Tom Kaplan, a philantropist billionaire.

DON’T GET DISCOURAGED: there are already examples on how wild life and animals can be protected also using technology see here ; and there are cases in which ex poachers have been converted in the best guardians of animals see: here

see also the recent good news that some US Airlines  are banning shipment of hunting trophies

1) Sign the petitions.

concerning Walter Palmer:

 Extradite Minnesotan Walter James Palmer to face justice in Zimbabwe: 

Justice for Cecil the iconic collared lion slaughtered by trophy hunter in Zimbabwe!


concerning hunting:

Keep the Ban on Fox Hunting 

Stop Trophy Hunting Giraffes

StopTrophy and Big Game Hunting – ANIMAL CRUELTY SHOULD NOT BE A SPORT!

Stop any kind of Safari hunting in Africa

there are also petition to stop canned hunting (search in the web)

these are some of them but in the web you can find many more. Sign  as many as you can!

2) Join the communities in the social media that support life and fight against hunting:

United Against Trophy Hunting

Anti-Hunting In America

Conservation International

Conservation Leadership Programme

Captain Paul Watson

Sea Shepherd Global

3) Contribute to build a culture of respect of the Planet and Its inhabitants

watch, read and spread movie and books about animals and people who have dedicated their life to protect them. Some example:

Gorillas in the Mist (1988)

Grizzly Man

Il popolo migratore – Trailer


March of the penguins


4) and finally: do not buy stuff coming from animals

Now the update about Walter Palmer:

First of all Jericho, Cecil’s brother is alive, and rumors about his death by means of poachers have bee debunked: Confirmed: Jericho the lion is alive

Concerning Palmer Zimbabwe to U.S.: Extradite dentist over killing of Cecil the lion 


now it’s your turn. Take action!

thanks! Yours Cecil the Lion cubs






see also: Caccia al bracconiere che ha ucciso Cecil il Leone

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  1. Any time there is an articol talking about animals, there are lots of silly people declaring it is a wasting of time just to write about them; they attack any person, any argument, especially any attempt to save even a single animal. In particular they attack people that fight for animals, and no matter if their arguments are often really ridiculous: what is import to them is just trying to shut up the pro-animal positions. One method they use is “position reverting”: pro-animal people are aggressive and dangerous, they are the ones trying to shut up the others, they are stupid and compulsive.
    The same apply to other “no ordinary” positions, like vegetarian ones.
    We should always thinking why there is a slice of population behaving this way. I believe the reason is an apparent attempt to preserve their own life-style, trying to destroy any different ones. This is not a “material position”: often no one is saying them “you have to stop that”; just, in their mind they have to demonstrate to themself and to the others that their own is the right way to live and it should be the only possible.


    1. Dear Wolf,

      thanx for your precious comment. For the reasons you are talking about I have inserted in my post all the part concerning not to be discouraged. For me, for you and for other animal activists, but also for all the people that are really taking care not only about animals but also about the environment and about humans in serious difficulties it is obvious that there is a lot to do and that we should spend ourselves in what we can do to reverse some behaviors encouraged by a selfish and mindless style of life. If there is people defending this style of life, we go in our opposite direction hoping to be followed by a growing community of people getting aware that it is up to any individual to make his own part for a better planet and a better society.

      un caro saluto!

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